About us

About us

The Greek Academic network (GUnet) is responsible for the design, development, support, upgrade and distribution of the Open eClass platform. GUnet was founded on September 12th, 2000, is located in Athens and its members are all the academic institutes of Greece.

Goals & visions

Goals & visions

The platform has reached a stage of functional and design maturity. The enhancement and support of educational activities, for both instructors and students, through a high-quality learning environment remains our main goal. In particular we continue to develop and offer advanced education and training facilities, eliminating the spatial and time constraints of conventional teaching, by exploiting the latest improvements of ICT and web technologies.

Furthermore, we focus on flexibility, usability, scalability, free distribution not requiring licenses and maintenance, small functional requirements, independence from the underlying OS, the use of open standards, the possibility of integration with other network services, clear functional structures (registration, access, course development, management, etc.), interoperability and security as well as ongoing support.


new technologies in educational activities


to special needs and requirements of educational institutes


constructively the Internet and the network infrastructure of educational institutes


high quality, cost-effective and reliable eLearning services


a state-of-the-art online learning environment


a user=friendly tool for constant instructor-student interaction and communication